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Blue Mountain Insurance is the preferred insurance provider for Crumbl Franchising. The founder of our company, Chris Burton, owns and operates a few Crumbl locations. Since he knows first hand about Crumbl franchises he has helped to create policies specifically for Crumbl locations. As the company’s cookies grow in popularity and locations, we hope to help ensure those locations with our specialized franchise insurance policies.

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Why Do I Need Franchise Insurance?

Franchise insurance is essential in ensuring that a franchisee’s investment is protected against various risks associated with running a business. There are different types of insurance policies that are marketed as franchise insurance.

Our Policies Include

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General Liability

This provides coverage against claims that arise from injuries caused by your business operations or products. General liability insurance will pay for the legal expenses incurred in the lawsuit, including damages and medical bills.

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Workers’ Compensation

This insurance provides benefits to employees who suffer job-related injuries on the job.

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This provides coverage against damage to your franchise property, including the building and equipment within it. It protects against losses caused by fire, theft, vandalism, and natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes.

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Commercial Auto

This policy provides coverage to franchise vehicles used for business purposes. It covers damages caused by accidents, theft, and vandalism to company-owned vehicles. It also provides coverage against liability for third-party injuries and damages resulting from accidents.

Crumbl requires the following coverage:

  • $1,000,000 liability insurance
  • $150,000 business personal property insurance (equipment)
  • $1,000,000 workers compensation insurance

Make Sure Your Covered!

Franchise insurance is an essential aspect of running a franchise business. The policies mentioned above provide coverage against specific types of risks and liabilities that franchise businesses face.

Besides providing protection against business risks, franchisor insurance has many benefits, including:

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Financial Protection

Franchise insurance provides financial protection against liabilities and losses that could otherwise impact your business negatively.

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Compliance With Franchise Requirments

By having the required policies, franchisees can operate within the franchisor’s guidelines and avoid penalties.

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Peace Of Mind

You can focus on growing your franchise without worrying about unforeseen circumstances that could cause significant losses.

Opening A Crumbl Location?

Get in touch with our insurance agents. We can help you get the best policy customized to Crumbl’s guidelines.

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